Love Poem

The Path Home         –for John on February 14th

In this labyrinth
of halls and streets and years
and voices circling back
I find at its whispered center
this home of us.
Here we rise together
in the morning’s frost,
hold close in the wrap of night,
go out the puzzling track alone,
come back the remembered way.
This is the enormity
of our having chosen
the lifelong twists
and turns of us.
Here on the solid ground
of day on day, the world around us,
having found what was sought
yet unexpected,
it shimmers with the breath of light
wherever we may be,
sure as any gated yard,
any lamp shining in a window,
any kindled fire.


4 thoughts on “Love Poem”

  1. Your poem is beautiful .It lets you appreciate the simple things of every day life. Love is descibed in such a nice way that you feel it .

    1. Thank you, Virginia, for reading and for your kind comment. I hope we’ll get together soon. I know your musical group is doing great things. Maybe I’ll hear you in early June?

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