On this page I’ll post some new poems as they take shape. I’ll also share some lines from the works of other poets, from whom I am always learning.

Jeff Hardin’s work makes me stop, stay still, and examine again, with brilliant simplicity and images so familiar they feel as if I’ve known their textures always, what this finite life means and how to walk its ways.

From Jeff Hardin’s Notes for a Prayer Book (Jacar Press, 2013)

Everything is just seeds strewn wide and blazing.

A boy slings at the sky, for all he’s worth, a single stone: “and” joining nothing with nothing.
Then to be the ground that stone falls to.

That wide place. Unremitting.

And just now,
a brown butterfly fumbling the air,
then settling with ease, becoming the grass. Can’t you see this life

fastened to the next life?